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The Nepal Earthquake occurred in 25 April, 2015 for the first time after 80 years. Which created a great fear especially among the children’s heart. “Discover Yourself” has consoled more than four thousand and eight hundred children living under anxiety and fear and helped them to overcome that traumatic experience.

Discover Yourself for


In our daily life, one can hardly get rid of the problems and stress. It is very important for everyone to reflect at one’s own life who bears responsibility in the society. We have been organizing “Discover Yourself” program (training, seminar, workshop, lecture) to promote Well- being for social worker etc. in Japan and other nations.

Mutual trust and respect

Refusing and denying each other may create more problems. Children have to accept “differences” and respect each other to live in the future. We have been carrying out workshops for children to learn “Difference is Interesting”. In Japan more than eight thousand and seven hundred children have already participated.
About CCM CCM is officially recognized as non-profit organization in Japan in 2010 originated by Raja’s social contribution activity and involved in solving social problems through “Discover Yourself”. Through “Discover Yourself” children have overcome the traumatic disaster experience. People from different walks of life are rediscovering the significance of life and work. Cross-cultural communication is accelerated for children at school. Please join us and support the journey of “Discover Yourself”. We welcome your kind help all the time. And if you would like to work with “Discover Yourself” programs using your skill and network, we are always happy to hear from you.

Discover Yourself

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